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Ambre Augaflor 3
A speciality characterised by its dry woody aroma with warm ambergris undertones and a sweet hint of the oriental. Ambre Augaflor 3 can be used in a conventional manner for rounding floral fragrances or at higher concentrations in the development of oriental fragrances.

Ambre Augaflor 1
This speciality has sweet oriental notes reinforced by a warm musky dry note. In toiletry perfumes it may be used at 1% to give added depth.

Animale Augaflor 2
A strong and persistent animal, civet-type base backed up by a mild woody balsamic note. Suitable for oriental and woody fragrances.

Appila Augaflor 5
Possesses a characteristically apple-like aroma, sweet with a touch of greenness. Most fruit-type perfumes will benefit from the sweet influence.

Bergamot Augaflor 4
Characteristically bergamot, this compounded speciality has a fruity, woody, slightly sweet fragrance. Bergamot Augaflor 5 can be used up to 5% in many fragrance types.

Carnation Augaflor 51
A tenacious, spicey odour. Adds warmth and a touch of the exotic that gives an ordinary perfume composition a lift.

Civet Augaflor 6
Strong, long lasting civet-like speciality, unmistakably animal with a woody background. A good economical reproduction of the original and possesses good fixative properties. May be used to advantage in toiletries where cost is important

Creola Augaflor 73
Rich, long lasting creamy odour with floral hyacinth notes.

Drywood Augaflor 8
Long tenacious, dry woody odour with spicy undertones. This is a speciality compound that can harmonise in all areas of perfumery. It has a lasting tenacity to match its green velvet colour.

Fruity Augaflor 74
Rich, fruity odour with warm woody undertones.

Geranium Augaflor 9
A powerful rose-like odour of Bourbon Geranium with a high degree of tenacity. Suitable for all types of perfume compounds and up to a dosage of 15% in a composition.

Green Base Augaflor 10
This base has all the attributes of allowing a green character into the Perfumers world with this moderately priced leafy material, so developing a wide range of perfume types.

Jacinthe Augaflor 11
Characteristically hyacinth odour, reinforced by additional floral undertones. Up to 3% in floral bouquets and 5% in Jasmines.

Mandarol Augaflor 14
A beautiful, floral bouquet with a smoothness and radiance that would benefit a wide range of perfume types.

Muguet Augaflor 16
A soft, petal like rose speciality that has the added dimension of balsam, giving it an all-round appeal to the Perfumer.

Neroli Augaflor 17
A very powerful and diffuse floral note of Neroli together with the green, dry freshness expected of a perfume of this name.

Opoponax Augaflor 24
This fresh, sweet, balsamic odour, oozes mystery from its rich brown colour, including a subtle spicey end note that weaves its way through, making it a speciality of richness and power.

Orange Flower Augaflor 53
Traditionally regarded as a symbolic flower at weddings, this speciality has a long lasting odour that adds to any composition, even in small percentages, giving a sweet orangey top note.

Orris Augaflor 13
This beautiful Orris blend has all of the orris characteristics, warm in the top note, cascading into a sea of violet, thus extending the Perfumer's art to include this delicate fragrance.

Patchouli Augaflor 22
This speciality has a persistent odour reminiscent of the natural product, and has a strong, tenacious woody odour making way to floral undertones.

Prunella Augaflor 26
A useful, long lasting odour with fruity undertones to bring out the sweet freshness of a perfume. This tenacious odour holds its top note well.

Rhodinol Augaflor 18
This crisp, citrusy type compound can implant an element of Lemon in a perfume, giving the finished product a freshness of smell and touch much sought after.

Rosardia Augaflor 21
This speciality has the unmistakable warm, sweet, tenacious odour of the rose family. It has a gentle top note that builds to a crescendo of heart and base notes.

Rose Geranium Augaflor 19
A wonderfully rich, warm rosey odour, reminiscent of a summers day. On dilution, it will bring a floral elegance into the perfume that can only be imagined.

Rose Otto Augaflor
A deep, warm, rich, unmistakable odour. Very tenacious with that eastern promise.

Sapele Augaflor 72
A woody, floral combination with strong ambery overtones.

Tuberose Augaflor 25
An intense, long lasting sweet, characteristically warm floral odour. This has the elegant note that is required by perfumers to round off their creations. Lasts well on a blotter.

Violet Augaflor 27
A fresh, green, violet odour. Long lasting, with a wonderful deep green colour.

Ylang Augaflor 31
This warm, sweet floral heady speciality has all the characteristics of a high grade Ylang. It has the harsh top note, quickly followed by the heady aromas expected and used in high grade perfumes.

Ylang Augaflor 28
This warm, sweet, floral speciality has the ability to turn an ordinary perfume into a well-founded, extravaganza. Blends well with the previous Ylang Augaflor 31. Both Ylang Augaflors compliment each other.

Our Specialities are classified according to basic odour, and the information provided is an indication only.