We are lucky to have very experienced research and development personnel supported by the latest in analytical technology. We have the best 'noses' and the best equipment at our disposal. If it is possible we can match it - on quality AND price. Please try us, you could make substantial savings on your raw materials budget. All we need is a target.


Wherever possible we source our oils directly from the essential oil distiller, or failing that from as close to the distiller or grower as possible. Our relationships with local producers are very important, but if needs be, we can purchase very effectively from the open market. Our customers thus benefit from the most competitive prices. There is no compromise on quality either - we operate strict quality control from our extensive laboratory facility


Kosher - we carry possibly the most extensive range of Kosher flavour materials in the UK. Augustus is certified under London Beth Din see our Certificate here


Augustus can offer an ever increasing range of Soil Association Certified organic essential oils. Please contact us for specifications and more details.

Reconditioning, cleansing and de-odorizing of essential oils

Our technical staff have years of experience in this field, in many cases we can offer a material reconditioning service tailored to your needs. Please feel free to contact us.


Augustus Oils has a dedicated team working on the new REACH Regulations. The team’s mission statement is to ensure a smooth implementation of the legislation and continuity of supply of materials to its customers. Customers may well receive questionnaires from Augustus regarding products supplied to them.

General Data Protection Regulations

Our GDPR General Data Privacy Statement can be read here